3 Horse Angle Load Gooseneck

For the ultimate in travelling comfort, you can’t go past the the Equiluxe Gooseneck range. The sleeping area alone is enough for you to want to make it your permanent home and the generous bench space will ensure you’ll be cooking up a 5* dinner for your friends!

There’s plenty of storage for bedding, food and utensils and of course the horses in the back will be riding in comfort and style too.

The GL model is the base model and offers size and comfort, but at a budget conscious price. Kitchen cupboards are set up so you can add accessories at a later date. The horse area is complete with rug rack, two push up vents, four small sliding windows and a basic swing out tack box.

The GLX model includes many accessories as standard such as dual power, shower and hot water, dual power fridge, microwave AC unit.


Length:          7.2m (23’8″)

Width:            1.98m (6’6″)

Height:           2.2m (7’2″)

Bay length:    2.4m (8′)

Tare weight: Dependent on optional extras

ATM:               4500kg



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