The Equiluxe Eclipse – the Ultimate in Horse Float Safety

Based on our popular “Frederick” model, the Eclipse is unparallelled in horse float safety.

This float has been designed with the nervous traveler, poor loader and un-loader, or previously unhandled or young horses in mind.

If your horse is worried about traveling, he scrambles, is difficult to load or rushes out when un-loading, then this might be the float for him!

We have had customers with horses that would take hours to load, thank us for this float!

The biggest feature is the size and open-ness of the float. With an internal height of 7’5″ and wide body, worried horses tend to be more willing to try the float out. Its brightness inside is more inviting for them and they tend to be happier to investigate the float without pressure.
The center divider has no rear leg, so horses that may be in a hurry to exit the float wont catch their legs as they exit the float. Pain experienced in or near the float only re-affirms to the horse, that the float is a no-go zone.
The side wall and center divider padding is extra thick – this keeps the horse centered in his extra wide bay, and reduces the risk of scrambling.
Tie points are recessed, so nervous travelers who constantly look behind them, have no loops to hit their head on.
The chest bars can be released from the outside of the float, so if the worst happens and he does get himself over the chest bar, you can stay safe and help your horse, by releasing the bars from the outside of the float.

Systematic float training and gradual exposure to this roomy float should solve most floating problems, but sometimes expert help is required. Starting with a safe and roomy float is 80% of the problem solved!

The Chassis and body is constructed from galvanised steel, with Box Section RHS, and body sheeting also galvanised.

*Dura-Struct floor upgrade available 2015.

Backed by our Industry Leading Three Year Warranty, your new Equiluxe Horse Float will be your pride and joy for years to come.



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Strength where you need it the most: POSI-TOUGH CHASSIS - Exclusive to Equiluxe Horse Floats At Equiluxe, we don't do things by halves, where some manufacturers use angle-iron steel sections for the most important part of you new horse float; the chassis (underfloor structural framing), we use a steel box section which is far stronger. Equiluxe has a no compromise policy when it comes to the safety of your horse which we have now taken one step further. Our Posi-Tough chassis provides extra bracing in the areas where your horse actually stands to give the float additional strength where its needed the most for your horse's safety and your peace of mind.

Standard inclusions

  • Fully galvanised chassis
  • Noise deadening roof lining
  • Electric brakes
  • Break-away unit
  • Alloy wheels
  • Tackbox & cupboard
  • Two personnel access doors with sliding windows
  • One external tack box access door
  • Stallion divider
  • Four push up vents
  • Extra depth horse padding
  • Emergency release chest bars
  • Recessed internal tie points
  • No rear leg on center divider
  • Metallic Paint
  • Gas assisted ramp and storm door
  • 12 months insurance
  • 13'6" body length
  • 7'5" internal height
  • 7' Bays
Frederick - Plan
Equiluxe has invested heavily in developing a float that is safe, comfortable and reliable at an affordable price. We understand who our customers are, and the concerns they have when transporting horses.