What to Do When You Get Into a Horse Float Accident

Nobody wants to get into an accident, but the most essential part of surviving one is knowing what to do if it happens. Towing a horse float increases your driving risks for obvious reasons: extra weight, limited control of the towed vehicle, and even unpredictable cargo (horses). All these, as well as the inexperience of other drivers when maneuvering around someone pulling a horse float, could contribute to a road mishap. Therefore, when examining horse floats for sale in Australia, think seriously about purchasing from a vendor that can give you the utmost in safety should you wind up in an accident.


One of the most common types of accidents involving horse floats are trailers turning over. This could be because of a bad turn, sudden braking, impact from behind, or imbalance of weights, among other things. Either way, this puts your horse in great danger.


Should you or your horse come in harm’s way, these are points that you should remember:


  • Call for emergency services ASAP. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself nor waste time trying to figure out how to get your horse out. The longer you stay on the main road with an overturned horse float, the higher the risk you’re facing. Besides, you might need special equipment that only emergency responders have. Whether you purchase horse floats for sale in Victoria or Western Australia, one of the first things you should do is obtain the names of local emergency services that can handle a horse float emergency.
  • Make sure you yourself are safe. The urge to go and check on your animal can be strong, but you have to make sure you are well and not bleeding profusely or injured badly.
  • Do not run towards your horse float. Running can agitate horses and cause them to panic even more than they already have. Approach the trailer as quietly as possible.
  • Do not attempt to make any further opening in the trailer. Horses are known to try to squeeze themselves into crevices, especially where they see light, to free themselves without any sense of size and access. So, avoid opening the windows or the doors right away to prevent injuring horses in their haste to be released.
  • Remove anything that could block the horse’s way when you do get the trailer opened. The last thing you want is a perfectly good, albeit shaken horse to cut and hurt itself with a loose piece of metal you failed to remove.
  • If your horse is conscious, never attempt to get the reins or halters from underneath it. The horse could injure both itself and you. Always go over its head.


Many horse float accidents and the injuries incurred from them are completely avoidable. One way to safeguard yourself against accidents is to select a safe, solid, and well-made model from all the horse floats for sale, like the ones from Equiluxe, and always have your horse wear sporting boots or extra lower limb padding for protection.