Horse Floats: A Buyer’s Guide

You wouldn’t compromise safety when buying a car. And that’s the same when buying horse floats. Here are some float-buying tips to make sure you’ll get the right one.Focus on comfort

If you’re travelling with multiple horses, look for a two or three-horse float. Choose carefully based on what will provide maximum safety and comfort for your horses. For a single horse, however, one spacious float is a great option.

Safe and Smooth

Safety should be your main concern at all times. Our new horse floats offer smooth suspension and safety features that help you keep an eye on your horses while driving. One of our horse float models, the “Shiraz”, is an angle float suitable for larger horses. This offers plenty of storage, allowing you to transport your horse in a safe and smooth manner.

Consider In and Out

If you have a horse that doesn’t travel well a well designed float can make all the difference. And when you’re planning to buy one, loading and unloading your horse with ease should be one of your priorities.  Equiluxe’s “Winston” and “Frederick” models offer gas assisted ramps and storm doors, allowing you to load and unload horses easily and conveniently.

Think about luxury

If your budget agrees, a little luxury can go a long way in making you and your horse’s life on the road more comfortable. Our “Winston” offers a kitchenette, a swing out tack box, and a water system, allowing you to travel with your pride and joy comfortably.

Transporting your horse can be completely stress free. When it comes to horse floats and your transport needs, contact us and we’ll help you choose the right one!