Can A Finance Broker Actually Save You Money?

If you’re relying on financing or lending options, whether it be for a car, boat, bike, horse float, equipment or even property, then it’s worth considering discussing your requirements with a professional finance broker to help you find a finance solution to suit your situation and budget. Below are a few reasons to answer the question, can finance brokers actually save you money?


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A broker will generally have access to a panel of lenders and loan products for clients to choose from. Through comparing lenders and loan products we can find a solution that best suits your needs and requirements.


Knowledge is The Key

Our industry leading broker; iCredit deals with lenders everyday and understands individual banking criteria, interest and comparison rates, fees and loan documentation. iCredit will help you structure a financial product suited to your needs, usage and budget.


Direct Access

Brokers receive regular updates on promotions and great deals from lenders and provide direct access to some of the most competitive loans throughout Australia. Help is close at hand to save you time by liasing with lenders. Through managing your loan application a broker makes your loan process as hassle free as possible.


No Obligation

What ever you buy, you’re going to compare, so why not compare loans. iCredit will provide an obligation free loan comparison allowing you the freedom to make an informed decision on your loan and purchase. Contact the iCREDIT team on 1300 350 118 to discuss your loan needs.


Is a Finance Broker Necessary to Get a Loan?

No, you don’t need to use a finance broker at all to obtain a loan however having someone on your side to help compare loans is essential. A finance broker will do the hard work for you and can  help you decide on a loan that will be suitable to you.


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