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When it comes to horse float safety, style and comfort you can trust Equiluxe to deliver. We will customise your float to suit you and your horse’s needs, so that you can both travel in style and comfort, and arrive at your destination ready to compete for the top scores.

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Not sure if a straight or angle load float is best for you? Check out our videos below:


Horse Floats and why understanding them is so important.


Don’t be left Red-Faced with the wrong horse float.” You could literally be risking your horse’s life!


At long last, floats designed by a horse person, that are SUPER specific for you and your horse’s SAFETY. Profit from my hard learned lessons so your horse can EASILY have the SAFEST float your money can buy.


Revealed: Leading industry expert’s 17 NEVER break rules for designing the RIGHT horse float to protect you and your horse


As a fellow horse owner, I understand transporting your pride and joy can be uncomfortable and stressful. Or dangerous at worst, even if you have a good traveller! Not to mention things completely out of your control like other drivers on the road or poor road conditions.
There’s a whole host of reasons and issues why a horse can be stressed or frightened during floating. After all, any form or transport is not normal for a horse considering he’s naturally claustrophobic. Some may even have developed deep seeded issues from an earlier bad experience, which could have happened before you become his owner. Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has a good traveller but is your float right for you and your car? Get any one of the many possible options wrong and you could be putting yourself and your horse in grave danger.
The TRUTH is it takes a radically different approach to ensure you and your horse travel safely. Although I talk about the difference between straight and angle load floats in the above videos, there are many other critical issues you may not be aware of when looking at horse floats for sale.
Unfortunately the hard way is usually the best way to learn and this is what happened to me. You see, my horse Freddy represented my hopes and desires. He was my competition horse and my only horse at the time. So I had a lot of emotional investment in him, not to mention money. But it was truly heart breaking not being able to easily float him to events, as he gradually became a worse traveller over time. So I painstakingly learned from trial and error from one float to another. And this was at great cost and expense!
Freddy taught me the 17 NEVER break rules of horse transport safety the hard way. I call it “expensive experience”.
But for you it’s a massive opportunity to short cut the entire process and get the perfect float for you and your horse easily and quickly. And that’s because I’ve done the hard learning for you.
So here’s what you get when we work with you:

  • Australia’s ONLY 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • My rock solid promise to you – “I won’t sell you a float unless it’s perfect for you and your horse”. Even if I have to turn you away!
  • I’ll work with you ONE on ONE to show you how you can easily have a horse float designed with SAFETY FEATURES SUPER SPECIFIC FOR YOU AND YOUR HORSE. Not just any horse!
  • I’ll personally design a float for you with my 17 “NEVER BREAK” rules and more, as every horse and owner are different.

Don’t live in doubt and bury your head in the sand. Hoping a travel incident “won’t ever happen to me” is foolish. If you haven’t yet experienced one, you’re lucky. But you can get on the front foot and massively minimize any risks by getting a float designed to your exact needs… It’s easy when you know how


Highly recommend this company!

Cannot praise the customer service highly enough! Alex truly went above and beyond for us: always easy to contact, prompt to answer queries, and nothing was ever too much trouble. She was more than happy to work with us to design a float that would exactly suit our needs, and we are supremely happy with our new Equiluxe Shiraz. Highly recommend this company!
Laura Frost, NSW


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