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Designed with maximum safety for a difficult traveller

Valerie had a big horse that was a difficult traveller, which is unfortunately an all too common problem.

He’s nervous and often panics, so we custom designed a wide bodied straight load horse float with large drop down windows and a light and bright interior to give him the maximum possible sense of space. Plus our exclusive easy to use emergency drop down chest bars for total peace of mind.

Now Valerie and her horse always travel stress free from A to B!

One size doesn’t fit all

April was looking at all sorts of horse floats for sale VIC but the off the shelf builds came nowhere near close to meeting her horses’ and family’s needs.

People and horses both have differing needs and that’s why the one size fits all approach rarely suits anyone. What’s most important is that horse floats are designed by a horse person in collaboration with the owner who knows their hors e’s and own needs best.

"My pony has never traveller better"

My pony has never travelled better! It really has been a pleasure, you have exceeded expectations. Fantastic communication and post sales care. Really appreciate it. My pony has never travelled better now I have an Equiluxe Winston. Alexandra Hanson, VIC

—Alexandra Hanson, VIC

"by far the best quality"

We chose Equiluxe for a number of different reasons: 1- We did a bit of research before we brought a new float and saw that Equiluxe had no bad reviews, all great comments! 2- Equiluxe were by far the best quality of all the floats we looked at. All finished very nicely and extremely well built. 3- They had great safety features, the inbuilt camera for one and now the new drop-down chest bars! Fantastic! 4- The Equiluxe was the only float with everything that we needed and wanted all in a standard float! Also this was the best priced float for what it contains!! Your service was impeccable, very friendly and helpful people!  

—Suzie and Lydia Davis, TAS

"every person that looked at it says the same thing - it really is well finished and has great workmanship"

“Teddy, my horse travelled brilliantly in the float on Friday. I’m really impressed with how the float tows, and how inviting it is for the horses, even with the smells of a new float and having only previously been in my straight load float, there were no issues. I have had family, friends, both my jump and dressage coaches and even my horse’s chiropractor look at my new Equiluxe float and everyone just loves it! Not only because it looks so good, but every person that had looked at it says the same thing 'it is really well finished and has great workmanship'. I think this says so much for the team at Equiluxe. Thank you again for my lovely new float, I could not be happier with it. I will certainly be recommending Equiluxe to anyone that is in the market for a new float!”

—Great Workmanship Everyone Loves

Pip Duggan – TAS, Australia

"I love your customer service"

“I love your customer service. Well done. As a salesman for most of my working career, I know how important customer service is and how well you do it! Well done.”

—I Just Love Your Customer Service

Ross Baxter, VIC

"Everything we asked for was done, the service you have provided was excellent"

“Thank you Alex And James for delivering our new float. Great service from you. We are so happy with it. Everything we asked for was done, the service you have provided was excellent and float was delivered to our home. There is no other float company that I know of that would do that for you. Go team Equiluxe!”

—Excellent Service – Everything We Asked for Was Done!

Julie, Scott, Brooke and Caitlyn Moreland – VIC

"It would probably be one of the most used floats that you have sold and its standing up to the use with flying colours. Thank you!"

“Hi Alex, just thought I would let you know I love my float. Since I picked it up it has only had around 5 days it hasn't been used!! On some days, like today, it has already had up to 3 different trips. Today it had a trip to track to train the 2 race horses. Second trip I moved 2 mares from our block to home as they are close to foaling. Then third trip was to pick up a new brood mare. Next week will be a test as I’m moving a 5 week old foal and mare from home to our block for the first time and I’m sure it will measure up fine. It would probably be one of the most used floats that you have sold and it standing up to the use with flying colours. Thank you!”

—Another client who loves her float!

Cleone Hill, TAS

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