Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! Equiluxe offers a three-year warranty on chassis and some parts as follows:


Three (3) Years:

Structural on chassis and frame and flooring; It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to regularly inspect the seal around the rubber floor and any potential damage to the floor and tailgate. Although the flooring is of structural marine grade, a damaged seal can allow water to penetrate into the plywood and may limit the service life of the floor and tailgate. (This seal will however be inspected by Equiluxe as part of your normal service).


Suspension; subject to regular checking and re-greasing of grease nipples with intervals of no greater than six (6) months.

Break-away battery


* All other parts apart from those listed in below



One (1) Year:

Wheel bearings; wheel bearings must be checked and adjusted three (3) months after the delivery of the horse float. Failure to do so may result in a warranty claim being declined in the case of wheel bearings failures. Documentation will be required as proof for wheel bearing claims.

Equi-Assist reversing & internal cameras

Jockey wheels

Paint; The majority of horse floats are subject to much more extreme conditions than the average passenger vehicle. We highly recommend that your float be stored undercover and thoroughly cleaned and washed regularly as you would your vehicle.  


Equiluxe original options (where fitted and as below):



Dry cell battery (including associated accessories)

Water pump (including associated accessories)

Electrically operated ramp motor

Air conditioning unit

TV (including associated accessories)