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Want to completely customise your Float?

You've found a model that you like but you want to add a bit of length here, change the cupboard layout, have tie points where you want them? The list goes

Three Horse Angle load – 15′

The Equiluxe Three Horse Angle load 15' is a versatile float that allows for both larger bays plus some storage at the front. The bays are 2.6m in lengt

From: $19,300 starting price for base model

The Winston: Two Horse Angle Load Luxury – 13’6″

The Equiluxe Winston is an angle load float suitable for a range of horse heights. The internal layout can be completely customised to suit you and your ho

From: $18,999 starting price for base model

The Shiraz: Two Horse Angle Load for Warmbloods – 15′

The Equiluxe Shiraz is an angle load float suitable for the larger, warmblood type horse. With 2.265m (7'5") internal height and 2.8m (9'2") bay lengths gi

From: $22,075 starting price for base model

The Frederick: Two Horse Straight Load Luxury – Wide Body – 13’6″

The Equiluxe Frederick is the perfect wide body straight load horse float for larger, warmblood type horses, that require more width, length and height tha

From: $18,500

The Equiluxe Eclipse – the Ultimate in Horse Float Safety

Based on our popular "Frederick" model, the Eclipse is unparallelled in horse float safety. This float has been designed with the nervous traveler, poor

From: $18,300

The Equiluxe Chablis – 11’6″ two horse angle load

The Equiluxe Chablis is the next sized angle load up from our basic Beckworth. At 11'6" in body length, the extra foot allows for room to include built

From: $15,725 Starting price for base model

The Equiluxe “Fred” – the shorter version of the Frederick!

The Equiluxe Frederick, our 13'6" wide body straight load is a really popular model, but we had a number of requests to produce a slightly shorter version.

From: $17,500

The Ella: Two Horse Straight Load Luxury-11’6″

The Equiluxe Ella is an ideal straight load float for horses up to approximately 16.1hh. The standard body length is 3.57m (11'6") and internal height i

From: $15,925

The Beckworth: Two Horse Angle Load – 10’8″

The Equiluxe Beckworth is an ideal angle load float in a smaller package. Suited for ponies and horses up to approximately 15.2hh, the Equiluxe Beckworth o

From: $12,925 starting price for base model

The “Glamper” – Two Horse Angle Load camper

  The Equiluxe Glamper, is as the name suggests, as luxurious as a hotel room but allows you to Camp! This two horse angle load offers the horse c

From: $23,500 starting price for base model

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