With a team having over 15 years in the Horse float industry and further trade experience ranging in metal work, engineering and maintenance, Equiluxe Australia brings a wide range of knowledge to produce luxurious horse transport vehicles to a whole new level.
Now fully designed and manufactured right here in Australia with custom designs to suit any horse and rider, we are proud of the product we deliver to our clients all over the country.
With very passionate, caring, experienced and horse-riding members as part of our team, Equiluxe Australia fully understands that the safety and comfort of your horses during travel is absolutely paramount.
With our new generation of Australian built floats now available, Equiluxe Australia has achieved exactly what we set out to do, and that's deliver top quality horse floats that have set the new standard.

Why Choose Us?

Australian made and owned

Custom designed to suit any riding discipline.

Modern technology

Customer commitment