Horse Floats Custom Designed With Safety Features

SUPER SPECIFIC to You and Your Horse…

Not just any horse!

At EQUILUXE Horse Floats, one understand that transporting your pride and joy safely is of paramount importance. Each of our horse floats for sale are carefully designed in collaboration with rider and engineer and fitted with the latest in technology to keep you and your horses safe. EQUILUXE offers many optional extras as standard and we have floats ready for purchase or we can build your dream float to your specification.

We can provide you with a quick, obligation free quote for a brand new angle load horse float or straight load horse float. Simply click on the Request a Quote Now tab on any of our pages and we’ll take care of the rest.

Buying a new horse float has never been simpler. We offer 100% finance on all our floats. For full details see our Finance page.

Horse Floats for Sale

Equiluxe is proud to offer you a comprehensive choice of horse floats. We love orses as much as you do, and readily customise our designs to suit all your needs. No matter whether you’re looking for peace of mind, a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee, or came here looking for horse floats that let you both travel in comfort, quality & style you’ve come to the right place.



All our horse floats are backed by a three (3) year warranty. When you do business with us you become part of he Equiluxe family, a rapidly growing group of horse owners who want great service and prestige travel, backed by a reliable a. trustworthy brand. I’m a dedicated horse owner who regularly competes and only wants the best for my horses so you benefit from my personal experience with all things related to you and your horse.

Years ago I was recommended a horse float for sale, simply because that was what the seller had to sell… although it turned out to be totally the wrong float for my horse. It’s an all too common story: non “horsey” manufacturers are selling inappropriate floats from sheer lack of experience with horses.

As I’m sure you know, nearly every horse has its own little issue that can test us.It is therefore extra important to have the peace of mind that the transportation part is spot on for both your needs!

I guarantee to carefully guide you through the process of custom designing your new horse float – one that’s precisely designed for you and your horse’s needs.

Australia Wide Horse Floats

Equiluxe, your quality float manufacturer for Melbourne horse floats. We are based on the Mornington Peninsula, at 4/19 Industrial Drive, Somerville VIC 3912.

We design and manufacture our floats with your horse’s needs in mind. And we’ve made it our life’s purpose to provide the highest quality floats your money can buy, without having to break the bank.

We service horse owners from around Australia with our custom designs and dozens of extra options. In fact if a caravan can have it – within reason, so can your float! So if you have come here looking for quality horse floats then you’re in the right place. Let us help you choose a float and get peace of mind.

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How To Choose A Float Your Horse Will Love


Horses are amongst the noblest of creatures and we love them for it. However it doesn’t mean they can always be easy to handle. Even the most experienced owners can struggle with float loading. Horses are prey animals and hence they have an innate aversion to confined spaces. When looking through the eyes of a horse, a float probably looks like a metal cave on wheels! Horses can get very stressed while traveling in any kind of confined space. And this can be exacerbated by a poorly built or wrongly fitting float. Many “off the shelf” solutions can be too narrow, noisy, claustrophobic, be fitted with dangerous protrusions, or be of a totally inadequate load capacity for your horse and vehicle. They’re an accident waiting to happen!

A thoughtfully designed, well constructed float can make life much easier for you and your horse. Journeys will be much less stressful – in fact, your horse might even develop a liking towards traveling! At Equiluxe, we strive to create the finest quality horse floats possible! We design from the point of view of horse, rider and tow vehicle. Hence. they provide the perfect combination of comfort, safety, structural integrity and affordability!

We offer a comprehensive range of floats to suit all types of horses. However, we also understandjust like humans, horses too are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Which is why we specialize in custom floats. We design SUPER specific floats for you and your horse’s exact safety and comfort needs…all designed with our 17 “NEVER BREAK” rules of safe horse transport! We get to know you and your horse until the design is a perfect fit.

And by the way, when we say custom -we really mean it. We believe if a caravan can have it, then a float can too! Our customization options are not limited to a fancy paint job. The list of horse float accessories offered by us is never ending – we offer everything from fridges to air conditioners and camera systems. We even have canvas privacy rooms, waters systems and televisions! It’s safe to say if you can afford it, we can build it.


Speaking of affordability, we have partnered with the leading finance company iCredit and it is our constant endeavor to provide you with the best deals on all our floats. We have finance plans with up to 7-year terms and you don’t even need to pay a deposit! In fact, we’ll do one better and throw in a FREE Fiamma awning valued at $1,450.00 when you finance with us, Yes, buying a comfortable, safe float for your horse is easier than you think. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation quote. We are the number one choice for horse floats for sale Victoria – we are based in Somerville VIC but we supply to all of Australia.

We’re so confident both you and your horse will absolutely love your new float that we’re the ONLY company in Australia to provide a 30 day money back guarantee! To top it all, you also get 12 comprehensive months insurance! Most importantly, you will have com-plete peace of mind, which is extremely elusive and priceless.

At Equiluxe, it’s our deep, undying love for horses and passion for their well being that motivates us in our relentless pursuit of excellence. Be it Straight load or Angle load, our floats are the most comfortable a. safe way for a horse to travel.

Each and every Equiluxe float is fitted with state-of-the-art Roller Rocker suspension. This ensures a super smooth ride for your horse. All floats are also equipped with electric brakes to provide superior stopping power. The construction materials used by us are light yet extremely hardy. They are also highly resistant to water and urine. As a minimum standard, we use construction grade hardwood ply for flooring since it is rot resistant and stronger and more predictable than natural hardwood. We also have fiberglass floor options that can more double a floor’s strength!

Most people find it difficult to get their horses to walk into floats. However, Equiluxe floats are so good you might even have trouble getting your horse to come out of them! Your horse is unique – he makes you forget your problems and puts a huge grin on your children’s faces. He represents your dreams and aspirations, whether it be competing on the National scene or completing a long Trail ride. An Equiluxe float is the perfect way to say thank you to your equine friend.

New Horse Float Finance

Equiluxe has partnered with leading horse float finance company iCredit. iCredit can offer you flexible financing terms up to 7 years for your new float. The company is 100% Australian owned and can approve your loan within 24 hours.

So if you’re worried about spending one big lump sum for a custom designed dream Equiluxe Horse Float, or if you’ve got your eyes on one of our models, this can be a great opportunity for you to get your float and flaunt it to your horsey friends at the next show. We’re confident you’ll absolutely love your new Equiluxe float. Applying for finance is easy. See our finance page for details on how you can own your dream float today with little to no stress!

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